A Journey Home

Journey Home is a ministry of the Good News Rescue Mission born out of the Safe City Project. It is designed to help people reconnect with family, employment and other opportunities that are located outside our community. Many of our neighbors have exhausted resources or have found it difficult to provide for their families here in the North State, but have found opportunities elsewhere and yet lack the means to relocate. The “Journey Home Project” assists these individuals and families with bus fare, clothing and meals to make the journey home where they can get a fresh start and get back on their feet. The Mission sees multiplied benefits to this program because:

  • It assists those with a desire to be productive
  • It helps people in need connect to opportunities elsewhere
  • It reduces the use of local charitable and government resources
  • It reunites families and loved ones
  • It helps prevent generational dependence on government and charitable services

To qualify for participation an applicant must:

  • Have a confirmed network of support at their destination location
  • Be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
  • Be a guest of the Mission
  • Be healthy enough to complete their journey home

Since the program launch in December of 2014, more than 300 individuals have participated in the program, some relocating to places as far away as Wyoming and Florida, and a small handful relocating to nearby communities such as Alturas and Eugene, Oregon. The average cost per participant has hovered around $200 and $300 and the program is funded at this point exclusively by the generous donations of people like you.