Special Needs FundGray



From time to time the Mission gets hit with unexpected expenses. As you can imagine, we are in the crisis management line of work, so things don’t always go according to plan. We must stretch your donations to their absolute fullest in order to provide people with a true “hand up.”  This leaves us with little – and often no – resources to tap when we occasionally find ourselves staring at a broken piece of equipment, a hole in the roof or some other unanticipated cost that insurance doesn’t cover and we just didn’t see coming.  It’s in these times when we put out a plea for help. You may have heard about how our walk-in refrigerator burned out prematurely and how the Redding Police Chief donated refrigerators to help us get by while our new facility is completed. And, there are so many other times our community has stepped up.

Well, this is again, one of those times.  We’ve recently been hit with a string of unexpected needs.  A few examples, the walk-in refrigerator, an HVAC Unit on our Resource Center and the highly unanticipated need to replace all of our shelter mattresses with vinyl covered models.

In response to these issues we’ve created our “Special Needs Fund.”  This fund will be used exclusively for items deemed “Special Needs” that are not a part of our normally budgeted expenses.

The “Special Needs Fund” at the Good News Rescue Mission was established to cover the cost of unanticipated and often unbudgeted costs. Funds donated to the “Special Needs” funds will be utilized for those items defined by the Mission as such.