Resource Center

What is the process?

Each guest has five business days upon arrival to complete their intake interview with an intake worker. They come in at 7:30 am when the resource center opens and get on the list to get their intake complete or if they have other issues to discuss. For their intake they need photo ID, or they need to be willing to obtain one, and must be willing to sit down and be honest about their personal information. Passes are issued between 7:30 and 8:30 am (obtained 24-hours in advance), and laundry vouchers are also issued at this time. Hair cut, Id and DC vouchers are available between 7:30 and 4:30 daily, with the exception of Thursday when DC vouchers are not issued because the DC is closed for the Hope Van.

How do you determine need?

If their need is shelter we offer them a 30 day stay, food and clothing while they are here. If they need to stay beyond 30 days they are responsible for starting the work search program within the first week. If they have an income they have the option to discuss the money savings program. They qualify for money savings if their income is sufficient to support them once they leave here. If not, then they must do a simultaneous work search program in order to have an extended stay.

Who can receive services?

Services are available to anybody who feels they are in need. We do not ask for income verification when people ask for ID vouchers, clothing vouchers, haircut vouchers, or participate in our food give-away. In fact, we do not qualify anybody based on income (or lack thereof) for services.

What referrals are available?

The Resource center makes referrals to Second Home, Mental Health Outreach, Victor House, Promise Homes, the Veterans Resource Center, People of Progress, the Hope Van, Restoration Enterprises, Women’s Refuge, the Smart Center, Bethel Church Benevolence, Golden Umbrella, Crisis Recovery Center, Parent Partners and MORE!