An Unlikely Referral

Casey learned about the cost of addiction – just before it was too late. “Without the Mission, I’d be in prison or dead. That’s where addiction takes you,” he says.


Trying to be like his older brother, Casey began drinking and smoking marijuana when he was just 12 years old. Despite his partying, he managed to graduate high school and find a job. He even got an apartment.


But his drug addiction continued to grow.


Soon he was dependent on cocaine and opioids. Then his mother died. And he hit rock bottom. “I went wild,” he says.


Casey’s addiction took over his whole life. He lost his job. His apartment. His car. Even his friends and family. “I knew I needed to do something,” Casey says.


So, he called someone who had already gone through rehab and started a new life: Casey’s former drug dealer.


The very person who had once encouraged his addiction was the person who gave Casey the phone number to the Good News Rescue Mission.


He knew that Casey could find the help and encouragement he needed at the Mission. .


Thanks to friends like you, Casey too joined our New Life recovery program and his life has never been the same.


With the support and help he received at the Mission, Casey overcame his addiction and has been sober for almost 5 years. He gained job and life- skills through the Mission’s Academic Center, graduated from college and, even better, he rededicated his life to the Lord.


Now Casey has a steady job and a home of his own. In fact, he recently was able to buy a new to- him, safe car for his family. He never could have imagined doing that before he came to the Mission!


Casey’s addiction almost stole his whole life. But thanks to the support and prayers of people like you, he took his life back.


“Because of you, I have my family,” Casey says.