In Kind:

Blankets, towels, toiletries, clothing, shoes & non-perishable items help meet the basic needs of our guests and can be dropped off at the Resource Center on 3050 Veda Street. Monday – Friday between 8 am-4:30 pm.


Your monetary contribution allows us to continue our ongoing work. You can drop your donation off at our administration building located at 2842 South Market St. Redding, CA or set up your online giving through our website:
Give Here!

Donate Stock

Why Should I Donate Stock?

Making a gift of securities is simple and offers a number of valuable financial benefits:

  • No capital gain to be recognized
  • Full value of stock is tax deductible
  • Stocks, Bonds and most Mutual Funds are accepted
  • Contact your stock broker or tax advisor for more information on the benefits of donating securities.

How to Donate Stock – Three Easy Steps
Step 1) Contact the Mission.

Our Controller can provide you with the Mission’s account information that will be needed for your broker to complete the donation.

Step 2) Contact your Broker.

Provide your broker with the account name/account number/DTC that we provide. Identify the name of the security, number of shares, and date you would like to make the donation. Your Broker will provide guide you through any paperwork that is necessary to make the transfer.

Step 3) Contact the Mission.

Notify the Controller at the Mission that you have initiated the transfer. Provide the details (security, number of shares and date) of the donation so that the Mission can credit your account. Your Broker will provide you with your donation amount based upon the closing cost of the security on the date of the donation. The Mission will provide you with a letter acknowledging receipt of your donated securities. The Mission can provide your Broker with a 501c(3) letter, if necessary.

IRA / Legacy Gifts

Help Change Lives and Save on Taxes!

Are you 70½ years old or older? If you are, you can make a life-changing gift from your IRA account to the Good News Rescue Mission and potentially save on your taxes!
Gifts of up to $100,000 per year that are made from your IRA to a qualified charity like the Good News Rescue Mission may not be considered taxable income and may qualify for your required minimum distribution (RMD), which could lower your income and taxes. Contact Ken Hadley, Controller, at 530-242-5920 or to get started.
*Limitations may apply, consult your tax advisor to learn more about making an IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution

Medical / Dental:

A few hours of your medical, chiropractic, dental or nursing expertise will impact the lives of many. Add your skills to our team. Contact Robin Snow for details.

Acts of Service:

Maintenance of vehicles, buildings and property. Serving meals, mentoring, admin assistance, event volunteering, teaching classes and other opportunities are here. Your skills or pure willingness to serve alongside us ensures we can keep doing what we do; changing lives with your help! Join our volunteer orientation by filling out the volunteer application form here.

Committee Members:

Each of our events is put on with the help of community members just like you!
Look at our events to learn more.


Everyday lives change at the Mission. Without God, our impact would be significantly less. We value your prayers for the men and women coming through our doors in despair, looking for answers and sustainable transformation, and for our staff and the Mission, for needs to be abundantly met.

Vehicle Donation:

Donate Vehicle Form