Adam’s film

Adam is living proof that your investment in the Mission impacts this city.
He once was a sentenced, homeless drug dealer on the Redding streets; today he is a respected mentor, real estate agent, husband, dad, Christian and homeowner.

Photo: Film scene shooting with Adam on Mt. Shasta

from the ashes

While filming I was sick and it was cold, I felt miserable just like when I was lost in addiction. Surrounded by destruction in the absence of new life it reminded me that there was nothing good, nothing hopeful until the old was cleaned out, washed off.

I was so glad to put my warm coat back on and warm up in my car after filming this scene. Destruction is depressive and cold. Not a place to stay in.

the little boy

The little boy is my son Daniel who was 3 years old at the time of the filming. It was dark in the woods on Mt. Lassen and he was really scared. When he saw the final film production he cried and I thought it had to do with this moment in the woods, but it wasn't. He said "daddy I am crying because you said you went to jail..."


The plant represents my life. We dug it up while filming in the burnt area in Paradise and replanted it in the good soil as seen in this picture.
While digging this hole in the ground, it reminded me of my transition from jail to the Mission's recovery program. That's when I was replanted.

the door

When I was stuck in my addiction I knew I wanted a change but didn't know how. I felt like a prisoner, screaming and punching, trying to get out.
Suddenly, there is the realization of the doorknob, a tool, an option to use to step into a new world, a new life. Everything changed from that point.

This door had punch holes after this scene and someone had to stand behind it to prevent it from falling over during filming. I guess I really got into it.

still at the Mission

When sharing during Chapel service, I noticed someone in the crowd I knew from my time on the streets. He was not doing well. It makes me sad.
Because of what Christ has done in my life, I choose to mentor men in recovery and share my testimony with those still on the streets. There is hope and I am living proof of that!