Exciting news!  Thanks to generous funding by a local donor, we have restarted the Journey Home Program (JHP). JHP enables people experiencing homelessness in Shasta County to relocate back home where they have an identifiable support system in place.

Here’s how the process works:

Those wanting to avail themselves of the Journey Home Program fill out an application at our Guest Services offices. They are then interviewed to see if they qualify for the Program according to pre-determined criteria.  We then vet the person, including contacting the designated family member who must agree to accommodate the person until, or if, they are able to secure alternative housing and/or employment. Or they can stay longer, depending on their family situation and dynamics. It’s up to them to decide how they can best facilitate this person’s success.

A Greyhound bus ticket will be provided to the person from Redding to their destination along with some traveling snacks and supplies.

We follow up with the participants twice. We do this to see how they are doing in their life transition back to where they either grew up or where they have some sort of emotionally supportive anchor that will help keep them grounded. In any event, services at the Mission will not be available to Journey Home participants for at least a year following their relocation back home. This is to ensure at least some level of commitment at turning their life around.

Fill out an application at the Good News Rescue Mission Resource Center, 3100 S. Market Street, Redding, in order to be scheduled an eligibility interview. Or call 530-241-5754 with questions.