A Career with Eternal Impact

Working at the Good News Rescue Mission isn’t just a job, it’s a mission. When you join the team here, you’re joining the body of Christ. Our mission is to exemplify the love of Jesus through our actions, share the gospel, and bring glory to God the Father.

Volunteers Serving MealsOur Core Values

  • Share the love of God exemplified by the life of Christ.
  • Provide emergency subsistence services (food, shelter, and clothing.)
  • Provide long term recovery services.
  • Educate and equip people to minister to those in need.

Benefits at Good News Rescue Mission

  • Employer sponsored Medical, Dental, Vision, GAP, Life, and Tele-Doc.
  • Generous vacation: Year 1-2, 10 days; Year 3-6, 15 days; Year 7+, 20 days.
  • 12 days paid sick leave
  • 11 1/2 paid holidays
  • 403b retirement plan with employer match up to $1,500 per year.
  • Bereavement leave for immediate family.

JJonathan Anderson Profileonathan Anderson, Executive Director

“Relationships come first at the Good News Rescue Mission. Everything Jesus taught and modeled leads back to relationship with Him and relationship with each other. When we follow that example it allows us to lift up, empower, and truly change peoples lives.”


Current Opportunities

If interested in applying for any open positions, please fill out the online application. You may upload a cover letter as a supporting document. If you have any questions email tohara@gnrm.org.


Food Services Manager, Full Time

Do you love preparing and sharing food with others? Do you have management experience in a commercial kitchen cooking for hundreds? Are you great at leading a diverse kitchen team of staff and volunteers? Are you able to handle all the administrative duties like ordering, planning, scheduling, and tracking stats just as well as a spatula? Are you looking to make an impact on the lives of thousands of our communities most vulnerable people with your culinary talent? The Mission is looking for someone who can take any ingredients and make a delicious meal all while leading the volunteers, staff, and recovery program students in a way that glorifies God.
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Guest Services Assistant, Women’s  Shelter – Part Time

Do you have a passion for working with some of our communities most vulnerable women and children? Are you able to balance a heart of compassion and empathy with an ability to maintain clear boundaries? Are you an encourager that can lift peoples spirits and stay calm in the midst of busy activity? Do you have a pleasant and willing personality? Are you looking to make an impact with your talents to help the Good News Rescue Mission provide shelter for our communities most vulnerable women and children? The Mission is looking for someone who can reliably oversee our nightly shelter process in a way that glorifies God.

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Outreach Coordinator – With A Heart for the Homeless and the Necessary Communication Skills to Work with Business Leaders and Law Enforcement 

Do you have a genuine heart for the homeless along with a desire to help end homelessness in your lifetime? Do you see homeless individuals as worthy of dignity and respect and want to help educate others on how to carry that Kingdom mindset to “the least of these?”

Are you a good listener and do you thrive on hearing people’s stories? Are you a natural-born rapport builder and skilled at earning trust with a population that can sometimes be wary of  “do-gooders?”

Can you balance compassion with healthy boundaries, ensuring that you “keep your love on” while not allowing either yourself or the Mission to be disrespected? Can you see the need for homeless individuals to come to the Mission where they can receive both essential services and be exposed to the Gospel message on a consistent basis?

Finally, as a representative of the Good News Rescue Mission can you hold yourself to a high standard of conduct, walking in an upright and integrous manner, glorifying God and being a witness to others?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, plus have experience working with both business leaders and law enforcement (or have the necessary interpersonal communication and diplomatic skills coupled with the willingness to learn) to help reach a shared goal of curtailing homelessness in our community, then we want to talk to you!

Academic Center Coordinator

“I used to hate learning, now I love it!” – Ryan.

“The Academic Center staff really believed in me…it’s because of them that I now have a future.“-RL.

“They helped me know that I deserved to succeed…now I have a great job!” – Tammy ”

“A really valuable thing about the AC is having someone come alongside you —letting you know that you’ve got this!” – Rudy



  • Are these the kind of words that you’d like to hear as the result of your efforts to help someone else succeed?
  • Do you derive satisfaction and joy showing someone a glimpse of a future they thought they might never have–then helping them take actionable steps to secure that future?
  • Can you recognize and instill that all-important connection between character-building and “book learning” in your students?
  • Do you have experience working with a population that has been on the fringe of society–undervalued or devalued either by themselves or others? If you have an addiction recovery background that would be ideal.
  • Are you adept at setting boundaries while also maintaining an encouraging, patient and positive “you’ve got this” attitude?
  • Are you tech-savvy?  Familiar enough with basic programs such as Windows 10, MS Office Suite, Word Press, etc., that you can help teach it to others?  Can you also troubleshoot computers when necessary?
  • Are you able to create and then monitor a customized learning track for individuals who are at  different educational levels?

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

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Facilities and Fleet Manager


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If it is, then we’ll be calling you. Fixing stuff is just part of what you’ll be doing as our new Facilities and Fleet Manager.  In this pivotal supervisory position, your excellent organizational and people skills will be put to good use as you oversee the general maintenance and upkeep of the Mission’s facilities, grounds and appliances.  In addition, you’ll be maintaining the electrical systems, the plumbing, as well all mechanical and related systems.  If you’re a carpenter (not a “wood” be) or at least have basic carpentry skills, even better.

We hope you’re also a wrench monkey–that greasy guy who gets all revved up looking under hoods, sliding under cars and getting their wires crossed…or uncrossed as the case may be. Because we have a bunch of “seasoned” automobiles and they’ll need some TLC too…just like our guests. Be prepared to acquire and maintain a vehicle fleet, including donated vehicles.

Also since the Mission heavily depends on volunteers to keep to keep things running smoothly, this position required someone who can identify and work with volunteers, including eliciting tradespeople from local churches and the community at large.

So, if you’re a handyman with a heart who possesses proven supervisory skills and wants to be part of what we’re doing here to help change lives and strengthen our community, then we want to hear from you!