On-site Volunteering

Medical / Dental:

A few hours of your medical, chiropractic, dental or nursing expertise will impact the lives of many. Add your skills to our team.

Academic Center:

Are you passionate about teaching, tutoring, college prep and other life skills training opportunities? Your skills and experience can help others as they re-enter our community.

Acts of Service:

Maintenance of vehicles, buildings and property. Serving meals, mentoring, admin assistance, event volunteering, teaching classes and other opportunities are here.
Your skills or pure willingness to serve alongside us ensures we can keep doing what we do; changing lives with your help!



90% of services are provided by community volunteers like you!

Off-site Volunteering

Friends of the Mission:

This is a group of community members committed to serving the Mission in a variety of ways. They meet once a month at various churches to discuss and address the current needs of the Mission. 

Committee Members: 
Each of our events is put on with the help of community members just like you!
Look at upcoming events to learn more.

Independent Drives:
Need knows no season. We encourage and support independent drives organized by schools, churches, businesses and individuals such as clothing, food & toy drives. 




Everyday lives change at the Mission. Without God, our impact would be significantly less. We value your prayers for the men and women coming through our doors in despair, looking for answers and sustainable transformation, and for our staff and the Mission, for needs to be abundantly met.

For more information contact Volunteer Coordinator: Robyn Snow 530-242-5920