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Good News Rescue Mission

Action Statement

We believe in the radical and unconditional love of the Father. A love so profound Jesus would pronounce forgiveness over the most unworthy, the most shameful and the most broken.

We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to fill us with a love so deep, people can tangibly experience the love of God through us.

We believe without love nothing else matters, for the absence of love is the absence of God.

And what we believe defines how we live, because all of humanity needs to know the radical nature of the Father’s love.

The Path Out of Homelessness

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Meals fill a hungry stomach and share hope that a changed life is possible.

First Aid

Essential care such as medical assistance provides relief from painful conditions.


Having a bed to sleep in each night provides shelter and a feeling of safety.

Job & Academic Assistance

Jobs & Academic Assistance help gain essential job and life-skills, help find living-wage jobs and help to get off the streets, for good.


Bible classes and chapel services help experience God’s love and how He can change lives.

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It's About Connection

“It’s about one on one connection, where someone is still suffering and someone that’s made it to the other side, who is now living a better life, can say, ‘There is hope and this is what you can do to become and have a better life.'” – Baron

God is So Alive Here

“God is so alive here!!!!!!!!! I will continue to do what I can to help this fantastic organization. I have met some of the best people here, and have many new friends. If you are looking for a place to volunteer do it at the Good News. There are so many different opportunities, and things to do to help.” – Beverly

A New Life!

“Christ gave me a new life. The Mission gave me a new start.” – Titus