Simply put, it’s winter. Days are short…nights are long. Imagine sleeping outside, covered by nothing but cardboard or newspaper.  When a storm blows through…and we’ve had our share lately…the misery is unbearable. And, imagine being a senior citizen trying to survive on the streets.  We’re seeing far too many people in their 50’s and older coming through our doors. Together, we can make a difference and save lives, but we need your help. With your support, every day we will provide safe shelter, healthy meals, clothing and best of all…HOPE.


For many, a meal is the first step on their journey to a better future, one of healthy, productive relationships. Your support makes that future a reality. By completing your donation below, you can feel confident in knowing you’ve helped a neighbor find warmth, safety and hope this winter.


We are extremely grateful to live in such a generous community and appreciate all you do to help those in need.


God bless you!