Hot summers aren’t cool.  Ask your unsheltered neighbor.

We provide much-needed summer heat relief for the unsheltered and others in our community­­­ during Shasta County’s hottest months.

FACT: extreme heat is the leading cause of weather-related death in the United States? Imagine if you’re one of those who have nowhere to go to seek relief from that heat … lessening your chances of survival.

Did you know … that Good News Rescue Mission is a Shasta County designated cooling station? It’s for anyone in the community needing a place to get cool.


What your generous donation helps to provide during the hot summer months–and beyond--for our community’s most vulnerable:

  • Keep their cool. Relief from the heat and lunch is on us. A day of services provides the most basic human needs to anyone in the community—including an air-conditioned building, three nutritious meals and clean water.
  • Save their skin. Help prevent serious sunburns and skin cancer.
  • Shower with kindness. A shower is another way to beat the heat and feel human. It’s the first step in getting a fresh start in life.
  • No dirty pool. During Covid-19, it’s especially important that we keep bad bacteria at bay. Unfortunately, a lack of access to a place to cool off can cause some to swim in contaminated water. Also potentially toxic is drinking water from hot plastic water bottles.
  • Save a Life. Heat-related illness such as heat exhaustion and sunstroke are real … and potentially lethal.  Help members of our community to seek relief from that heat … increasing their chances of survival.
  • Meet their future. They come to get cool. They stay to change their future. In 2019, we provided over 85, 142 safe nights of housing. Mission tutors taught over 6,732 hours in the Academic Center. Almost 100 landed jobs.  Twenty-three are on track to graduate from our 18-month, faith-based recovery program. 193 people accepted Christ … the best hope for lasting change.

You’re our hero! Thank you for your donation. And remember … together, we can turn a short-term solution into a long-term win … benefiting everyone in our community.




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