Redding Day Resource Center Workshops

The first planning workshop for the new Redding Day Resource Center was a great success. We had thirty-two participants from local service providers and community advocates. We went through a series of exercises and discussions to work out what some of the needs and solutions are to empower people who are experiencing homelessness in our community.
The next two workshops are scheduled as follows:
Friday, April 26, 1pm-230pm – Session 2
at the Good News Rescue Mission, 3100 S Market St. (Resource Center)
For anyone with lived experience with homelessness or addiction.
Tuesday, April 30, 1130am-1pm – Session 3
at Shasta Community Health Center, 1035 Placer St. (Diestelhorst Rooms 2 & 3)
For anyone with lived experience with homelessness or addiction.
These workshops are focused on receiving input and direction from people currently experiencing homelessness in our community and will play a big part in shaping the services that will be provided at the new Day Resource Center.
Please feel free to share the attached flyers and dates with any of your clients who might be interested in providing input for this new project.
Thank you so much for being involved and helping create the best space and services possible for our community.