The Shawn Mellis Story: The Cop Who Cared and Why Not Everyone Makes it Through Recovery

Posted 03.10.2021

The following is a testimonial about the transformation of Shawn Mellis from a police officer who arrested him multiple times.  Following that is Shawn’s perspective on why some in recovery make it and others don’t.  For Shawn’s powerful story of how he overcame 26 years of addiction, click here.  Shawn’s “Jiminy Cricket”: A Testimonial from […]

Her Time to Shine

Posted 01.26.2021

Her Time to Shine: From Basket Case to Basking in the Lord, Tammy is Finally Learning How to Overcome the Shame of Her Past Tammy has been through the ringer—several times. A bitter divorce and caring for a special needs child, as well as several other children who were a parenting challenge early on, put […]

Love in the Time of Covid

Posted 01.25.2021

Love in the Time of Covid: Now more than ever, people need to feel the tangible presence of God’s love “For this is the message that you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another” (I John 3:11). Show God’s Love. That’s what the “writing on the wall” admonishes us to do. […]

One Is the Loneliest Number

Posted 12.21.2020

“ONE is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. NO is the saddest experience that you’ll ever know.” – Three Dog Night. Ask this guy. He knows. A short time ago he came into our dining room hours before the noon meal was to be served, laid his head down on the table and slept. […]

Little Rascal: Hometown Boy Makes Good

Posted 11.24.2020

Little Rascal: Hometown Boy Makes Good Deven Daughterty is a warm, effusive and personable guy—truly one of a kind. He’s been teased that he looks a bit like Alfalfa in the iconic 50’s TV show, “Little Rascals.” The comparison between the two is immediately apparent—both characters share that wide-eyed, expressive and almost-moldable face. However, unlike […]