A Gift of Time – Jennifer’s Money Savings Story

June 4, 2024

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A Gift of Time – Jennifer’s Money Saving Story

Jennifer came to the Mission destitute and with a serious medical condition. After her mom died on her first day on the job, Jennifer  had no one left…no family at all.   Soon she found herself living hand to mouth on the streets. To survive, she resorted to shoplifting.

While at the Mission, Jennifer was able to reconnect with God and start her life over…including being able to save money through our Money Savings Program which allowed her to get back on her feet.  Today she has a stable home, and a strong, healthy support system. Part of that stability comes from volunteering at the Mission. It’s her way of giving back and strengthening the ties she has made.

“I didn’t even have a chance to save up money out on the streets because I was spending what money I did have on hotel rooms and buying packaged food. I just couldn’t catch up! But when I came here, they have this amazing money savings program that’s built to help people reground themselves financially. So that way, when you leave the rescue mission, the probability of returning to the rescue mission is much slimmer. It sure worked for me!

While here, the money they helped me to save enabled me to get an apartment.  And that was such a good feeling. I’m so very grateful to the Mission for giving me both the gift of time and the financial tools I needed to finally get ahead.”

There are many others who have been helped tremendously through our Money Savings Program.  People like Russ. After moving here to be with his hospitalized 6-year-old daughter,  he couldn’t find any affordable housing so he came to the Mission. Through the Money Savings Program, they helped him  get on his feet so he could could be with his daughter once she got released.

* UPDATE: Sadly, Jennifer passed away in 2023 from a chronic medical condition. We are happy that she was able to spend time at the Mission as a guest where she received the love and support of people who cared about here while she was here. Most important, she reconnected with her Lord and Savior in whose Presence, we believe, she is now is enjoying her forever family.

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