Love Among the Ruins

Posted 08.03.2022

HE got burnt out of his ranch home in Keswick, CA, losing most of his belongings and his two beloved pit bulls in the Carr Fire. SHE got burnt out from living in a dysfunctional living situation that left her vulnerable to a local Redding gang that ransacked her trailer five times. They both would […]

Train in Vain: Jerry’s Garcia’s Story

Posted 03.15.2022

Train in Vain:  Jerry Was Ridin’ that Midnight Train to Nowhere … Facing the End of the Line. Until a Judge Had Mercy, and A Savior Showed Him Grace. I can’t be happy Without you around So alone I keep the wolves at bay And there is only one thing that I can say, You […]

Show Them [How to Save] the Money – Part 3: Marnie’s Story

Posted 02.17.2022

When a Landing Pad Becomes a Launching Pad: Marnie’s Story Marnie [actual name withheld] was sixty-something years old and living on pure survival mode. Not long after her 30-year-marriage ended, she was nearly broke.  It was a long way from the life she once lived —filled with travel, an enviable home and what seemed to […]

Show Them [How to Save] the Money: Part 2, Russ’s Story

Posted 02.10.2022

“When you’re at the Mission, and you start working while you’re there, they really bend over backwards to help you—even more than they already do [by providing a bed and meals.] They even sent me on my way to my new job with a bag full of food … so that I wouldn’t be hungry […]

Show Them [How to Save] the Money – Part One

Posted 02.07.2022

“While here at the Mission, the money they helped me to save enabled me to get an apartment.  The cycle was broken! I’m so very grateful to the Mission for giving me both the gift of time and the financial tools I needed to finally get ahead.” – Jennifer One bad turn deserves other another…and […]