One Is the Loneliest Number

Posted 12.21.2020

“ONE is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. NO is the saddest experience that you’ll ever know.” – Three Dog Night. Ask this guy. He knows. A short time ago he came into our dining room hours before the noon meal was to be served, laid his head down on the table and slept. […]

“Crazy Girl” – Part 2 – The Transformation

Posted 12.04.2020

“Crazy Girl”:  The Transformation Read Part One Of Natasha’s story here: It’s been said that only really bad things happen at night—especially at 3:00 a.m., an hour in folklore that has traditionally been dubbed as “the witching hour.” It seemed to be true for Natasha. On most nights, her subconscious was invaded by horrible […]

“Crazy Girl” How One Woman Found Victory over Mental Illness and What She Wants Others to Know

Posted 12.03.2020

“Crazy Girl” How One Woman Found Victory over Mental Illness and What She Wants Others to Know – by Jenni Keast There is sibling teasing, and then there’s just plain meanness. That’s what Natasha Crow endured as a child—outright and systematic abuse from two of her brothers. But that’s only part of her sordid story. […]

Little Rascal: Hometown Boy Makes Good

Posted 11.24.2020

Little Rascal: Hometown Boy Makes Good Deven Daughterty is a warm, effusive and personable guy—truly one of a kind. He’s been teased that he looks a bit like Alfalfa in the iconic 50’s TV show, “Little Rascals.” The comparison between the two is immediately apparent—both characters share that wide-eyed, expressive and almost-moldable face. However, unlike […]

Paul Abbott: A Man with a Mission – Part 3: When the Kingdom Happens

Posted 10.05.2020

Is there a father in camp? Paul Abbott spending time with Roger, trying to help him envision a brighter future. Read Part 1 Paul Abbott – About Paul Abbott  Read Part 2 Paul Abbott- The Vision A Two-Way Street The Good News Rescue Mission offers resources to help those who sincerely desire to get off […]

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