Submit A Question

The Harvest of Hope virtual event is going live at 530pm on October 24th and you’re invited to submit a question for Jonathan, the Executive Director, to answer live! Plus if your question is chosen you’ll win a $25 gift certificate to Logan’s Roadhouse.

It’s super simple:

  1. Record a 30 second video of yourself asking the question you want answered. Start with your name and what city you live in and then ask your question. It can be about the Mission, homelessness, the community, or whatever else you want to know.
  2. Fill out the form below from the device you filmed the question.
  3. At the bottom of the form choose the upload file button and choose your question video.
  4. Click submit and you’re all done. If you’re video is chosen we will notify you and you can watch it get answered live at the Harvest of Hope virtual event!