The Money Savings Program: Laying the Groundwork for a Brighter Future

Posted 06.13.2024

  “I see the Mission as a landing pad that serves as a launching pad for a brighter future. That’s why we’re committed to assisting our guests with their present needs while always moving them forward. – Jonathan Anderson ​ “One bad turn deserves another.” Or so conventional wisdom would tell us. Some would call it “bad […]

Three Money Savings Stories- Leon, Candace and James

Posted 05.29.2024

Read About It:  The Money Savings Program: Laying the Groundwork for a Brighter Future A Dream Deferred: Leon’s Money Savings Story “Living in my own house vs. in a group home or on the street has been my dream ever since I was in my 20s!” At age 57, Leon has been around the block […]

Redemption Road – The David Pot Story

Posted 05.02.2024

Redemption Road: The David Pot Story There are some tough nuts to crack among humankind…from those who outright reject God—doing whatever seems right in their own eyes—to those who know the truth, yet allow shame and guilt to keep them from surrendering all. David Pot belonged to the latter category. And it would take decades […]

Castaway: Marie’s Story

Posted 10.26.2023

Her Mexican mother abandoned her at birth. Her American one was distant and cold. Little Marie grew up feeling emotionally shipwrecked and alone…with no land to call home in sight.   Marie Vogt was raised in Juarez, Mexico…for all of three weeks. In January of 1967, just as she was reaching the cooing and lifting-her-head-up […]

“Brother, I’m a Murderer” – Part II

Posted 10.13.2022

 “Brother, I’m a Murderer, Too” Read Part 1 of “Brother, I’m a Murderer, Too “Bed ‘n Booze” Left to fend for himself out on the streets, Evan was running out of options. He couldn’t see how he could sink any lower. Then he received an offer he couldn’t refuse­­­­—of a free “Bed n’ Booze.” A […]

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